Appraisal management software

SIAV is a product we created for organizations on the appraisal business. The key product is a SaaS platform which consists on a multi-platform web panel, designed to help appraisers focus on their core business while keeping their data controlled and safe under a single location.

Management appraisal software

Before using SIAV our client's had a lot of trouble handling hundreds of services on platforms like excel or access, so this is where the need for our product came from. It was built by following these principles:
  • Understand the product and the needs from our clients since the very beginning.
  • Develop a web solution by creating an MVP quickly so users can give their feedback on it.
  • Fully design the product.
  • Provide data analytics and reports on our customer's data.
  • Keep developing the product even after its release date.

Management appraisal software

SIAV has been operating without interrumption for 5 years, saving operational costs and errors to all of our client's and their branch offices.
"I can't believe how we used to operate before SIAV. It has been a game changer " - Mónica Acosta, Valuadores del Norte

Management appraisal software

Once enough data was generated, reporting modules were included in order to keep track of operational services, client's invoices & employee productivity. These detailed KPIs allowed management to take key business decesions in record time.
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